Critical TechWorks is a venture to lead the future of motion!



Born in September 2018, Critical TechWorks is a company formed due to a partnership between BMW Group and Critical Group. We focus exclusively on supporting BMW in developing software for its future driving machines and IT ecosystem.






Brings its technology-centric challenges, loyalty, and industry expertise on how to make hi-tech and ultra-reliable cars.




Brings its culture, values, software development talent and proven agile methodologies.

We’re clear about where we’re heading

We plan to change the way the world thinks and feels about cars: from vehicle development to connected cars, from autonomous driving to electrification, from data intelligence to cloud & security, from sales ecosystems to financial services, and from logistics to production.
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We are changing the way the world moves.

Our mission

Changing the way the world moves

Our slogan

Joy in Motion

We commit ourselves to creating the most impactful software products; in the most spectacle and joyful way.


We focus on what really makes a difference in the world and adds value to the users and to our partners.


We create flaw-free, secure, performant software that brings users pleasure and provides the best experience, and we act appropriately when this is not the case.


We constantly inspect how we can work smarter, together and more efficiently so that our working methods consistently reflect and exceed the highest quality and security standards.


We treat our people and our customer information with duly care: confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and systems are to be observed by all.


We care about our people and help them develop their skills so that they can enjoy, grow, and feel proud of the work we do together.


We believe that our success as a company depends on how we listen carefully to and share opinions, as well as how we value and respect each other’s work.


We don’t take shortcuts. We align ourselves with high ethical standards and comply with all security, industry and governmental regulations. We regularly oversee the way we work to continuously be more effective and reliable.


We recognise the inherent uncertainty of the future. We emphasise regular risk management analysis as an ongoing learning process and adaptive mindset.

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We believe that excellence, great and valuable work goes hand in hand with an environment that brings joy.


To achieve excellence, we need to continuously improve what we already do well, what we love doing and what we feel passionate about.

Critical TechWorks was designed to be a flat, agile organization focused on software product development.


To follow that mindset, we removed, as much as possible, the traditional middle layers, such as Line Managers, Project Managers, Team Leads, Software Architects, etc.


We built the organization around three core elements:


Teams are the smallest group that works on a specific product backlog. We work based on Teams because teams can scale and team members can support themselves by reducing further external help. Teams execute the work but also grow together.

Teams are responsible for the product they are developing and operating.

Our model is focused on keeping the team stable and together beyond the products they develop. A new paradigm, providing products to teams rather than teams to products/projects. We believe that a team working well together can build and operate any product.


Foremost, Teams provide us stability and resilience in a recruitment market where talent is scarce.

In every organization, the most challenging task is to create great teams!

We are constantly looking for new people that want join us and create this inspiring environment.


Units are virtual structures created on top of the formal organization departments that combine Teams working on interrelated topics. Units vary from 10 to 20 Teams and 80 to 100 people, with a high level of autonomy on how to do things.


This structure creates the right environment, promoting culture, self-direction, and shared solid values. It’s not about telling people how to grow, but caring for their growth.

Specific Unit roles like Head of Interactions and Technical Titans are not managers; these roles have hands-on capabilities to support the Teams both on the technical working model as well as organizational aspects.

The Head of Interactions and Technical Titans are focused on long-term sustainability, developing and growing the people and Teams in the Unit.

Working Model

Our teams have a high degree of freedom and autonomy, to check and balance that autonomy, we designed a working model that provides the necessary level of responsibility and accountability. Indeed, we didn’t invent a new working model, we follow Scrum in its most pure representation, and when the scale is needed, we follow a LeSS approach.


The first important aspect in the working model are the Roles. The roles have the responsibility and authority to do things, not the people. That’s why managers or hierarchical levels don’t fit. We are very strict about following the role descriptions.


A second important aspect of the working model is the artifacts. Artifacts provide transparency and accountability. Things are done or not done; there is no middle term

The Product Backlog defined and prioritized by the Product Visionary is what drives the development. Sprint Backlog and Sprint Goal is what determines the team's commitment to value and delivery cadence.


The third important aspect are the events. Events provide the balance between connection, interactions, and focus. Events are designed to synchronize the team members and the work to be done, letting the remaining time for each team member to focus on making things happen.


We believe this approach is the best way to promote collaboration between different teams on the same product. It gives every team the benefit of agility while promoting autonomy, responsibility, and accountability.



These three elements are the backbone of the Critical TechWorks organization structure.

To achieve excellence, we must continuously improve what we already do well, what we love doing, and what we feel passionate about.




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To achieve excellence, we must continuously improve what we already do well, what we love doing, and what we feel passionate about.





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