CTW receives "Fast Mover - Employment" Award
Critical TechWorks has been awarded as "Fast Mover - Employment" by Exame Informática. Diana Silva, Head of Interactions, represented CTW at the event

For the 3rd year in a row, Critical TechWorks received the “Fast Mover - Employment” award on “Os Melhores e As Maiores do Portugal Tecnológico” ranking. And it’s all thanks to you and our teams, working together to create the most innovative solutions!

More than 12 thousand tech companies in Portugal were studied to set the ranking, with different variables in scope: dimension, growth, exportation, innovation and development, and resilience. Among the top 200 companies, Critical TechWorks was highlighted as the one growing its teams the fastest in 2021.

Diana Grilo Silva, our Head of Interactions, hopped on stage last Tuesday evening to receive the award in the name of CTW, during this event dedicated to Portuguese leading companies in technology.

Did you know that, upon its foundation back in 2018, Critical TechWorks had a team of 200 people? And that today, four years and a lot of innovation later, we have more than 2000 experts changing the way the world moves?

What began as a joint venture to create unique solutions for the BMW car has grown from the inside of the vehicle to its outside, to how they’re assembled and how they’re changing the human-machine interaction, having technology-powered solutions to answer all these questions.

Experts are more and more intrigued by our work at Critical TechWorks and want to be part of the future, enriching our teams with their unique experiences, backgrounds, and know-how. We’re constantly looking for talent who want to be part of this future while building it. It is only thanks to everyone’s expertise that we get to grow, decipher trends, and actually be ahead of them, while leading the path to disruption, reinventing mobility and, a new way to travel.

During the event, we also got to share Critical TechWorks know-how on AI’s potential to lead a shift in the world with our Chief Tech of Data & AI, Pedro Silva Monteiro.

More than following along the traditional path of mobility, at Critical TechWorks we want to discover how emerging technologies can help us bring our visions to life. Data, Machine Learning, and AI are a significant part of this transformation.

The tech ranking “Os Melhores e As Maiores do Portugal Tecnológico” is born out of a study from Iberinform, a company focused on developing reports for several business areas, and Exame Informática, one of the top media outlets in Portugal in the field of information technology. To receive this award is an important moment to celebrate each and every one of our people that, like you, keep innovating and pushing forward what will be the future of mobility.