CTW Women to inspire Geek Girls in meetup event in Lisbon
After CTW Women's participation in two Geek Girls Mentorship Program editions, efforts were gathered to reinforce CTW's commitment to the Geek Girls community by holding a meetup event in Lisbon for 50 people

Critical Techworks held Geek Girls Meetup event last Wednesday. This group serves as a platform to empower and inspire women who aspire to pursue careers in information technology.


The evening commenced at 18:30 with an opening speech by Patrícia Mateus, who provided a brief overview of the history of Geek Girls. Founded by Vânia Gonçalves in 2010, the group's mission revolves around collaboration, education, mentorship, and inclusion.


The event acknowledged and commended the efforts of numerous women who engage in voluntary work, including the dedicated women from Critical Techworks who actively participated in the past two editions of the mentorship program. This program aims to support women in their professional transition and reconversion, offering guidance and assistance.


The highlight of the evening was the presentation titled "A Girl's Strategy to Conquer the Universe", delivered by Inês Rodrigues, Head of Interactions at Critical Techworks. Inês, known for her playful demeanour, identified herself in just ten words: a conscious mother, curious about everything, and possessing a straightforward and fierce attitude.


She shared her personal journey of professional growth, shedding light on her motivations and emphasising the significance of agile work environments. Inês stressed the importance of self-knowledge as a foundation for wisdom and success.


The event also featured Sofia Santos, a Telecommunication Engineer at Cloudflare, who drew from her own experiences to present on creating a "Valuable Career Path." Sofia provided valuable insights and advice based on her expertise in the field.


Furthermore, Rita Alves, Talent Wizard at Critical Techworks, unveiled the mysteries behind the company's internal culture. Describing it "as a unique universe", she offered participants a glimpse into the organisation's various roles and endearing avatars. Moreover, Rita elucidated the qualities and attributes valued when evaluating candidates for positions at Critical Techworks.


The event concluded with a networking session, allowing participants to connect with one another and seek clarification on any doubts or curiosities they may have had. Undoubtedly, many attendees left with a genuine enthusiasm for the encompassing culture of Critical Techworks.


On July 1, a new Geek Girls meetup event will be held in the Oporto office. All the details will be announced soon. 


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