The Units: MyJourney
Lets go under the hood and look at what makes driving a BMW so pleasurable. Its the MyJourney unit

Driving a BMW often means engaging directly with our innovations. The MyJourney unit, under the guidance og João Pedro Pinto, touches everything from the vehicle's hardware to the apps that enhance your driving experience, along with crucial backend operations. Our focus? Ensuring every journey is memorable.


Imagine handling all your parking needs directly from your dashboard—starting, stopping, and paying without ever stepping out of your car. Our team is developing a location-based commerce parking system to make this possible, integrating parking management with the dashboard’s visual interface. Additionally, this unit enriches your driving experience by integrating comprehensive navigation functionalities with maps, ensuring you never lose your way.


Our microcontroller team simplifies your interactions by linking search services with various points of interest, displaying choices like restaurants and gas stations directly on your car’s interface. Simplifying these interactions involves complex behind-the-scenes communication, but the results speak for themselves.


For hybrid vehicle owners, we're making the charging process easier. We’re developing an app that communicates with plug-in chargers to automatically convey your vehicle’s electrical provider and billing details upon connection.


The MyJourney team exemplifies synergy and proactivity, transforming complex challenges into enhanced user experiences daily. Their efforts make a tangible difference in how intuitive and enjoyable your car journeys are. Keep an eye on our journey as we continue to innovate and enhance the automotive experience!