Once in a lifetime experience
Working in a BMW Group site in Munich is a unique opportunity to understand the work processes at BMW, interact with other colleagues and leverage new work projects with CTW. Let's meet the stories of two people who lived this experience.

João Vilela da Silva, SAP Wizard, Fabiola Silva, Data MasterMind at CTW and Transition Success Manager at BMW, are two of the CTW employees that had the opportunity to work at BMW. Their main reasons for embracing Get in Motion challenge were the possibility of having a long-term experience in Munich without leaving CTW, experiencing new professional and personal experiences, establishing contact networks, and learning more about BMW's work processes.​​​​​​​

João Vilela da Silva SAP Wizard

Working at CTW for two years, João Vilela da Silva, Sap Wizard, worked for Domain Spare Parts Logistics (DSPL) in BMW, which controls Dealers Aftersales processes. In Munich, João "reviewed logistical processes, worked at business analyses for the new implementations, ramped up the team in CTW, and worked at system configuration, customizing and development according to the refinements", he started saying.


Fabiola Silva, a Data MasterMind at CTW since January 2020, worked in Transition Sucess Management. "The main challenge is to analyse topics that should be migrated or that should remain at the same project domain", she started saying. At the transition process, Fabiola supported the communication between customers, developers from partner companies and CTW.




Manage expectations and make the most out of everything​​​​​​​




For João, working at BMW could not have had a more positive outcome. "Once in a lifetime experience. Really recommend to broaden the horizons and get new experiences", he said. However, keeping your feet on the ground and not having expectations too high is also important. In Fabiola's case, she highlights the signitficant support from BMW's side. 


Both agree, however, that working at BMW offers innumerable professional and personal advantages. For João, the multicultural environment shared between BMW and CTW is one of the added values of this experience, despite the country's culture and lifestyle. “Most definitely you will be well received and you will fit right in”, he emphasized.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​On the other hand, Fabiola highlights networking as one of the main benefits. "Getting in contact with our colleagues in Munich made me feel more connected with them. I was also able to be in contact with colleagues from Cognizant, Accenture, TNG, and South Africa", she said. Moreover, the Transition Success Manager refers to BMW's modus operandi knowledge as another advantage. "Understanding how everything works from the inside removes so much pressure and fears because we are all in the same boat", she affirmed.




Key recommendations for personal success



Fabiola Silva Data MasterMind


To succeed in this experience, it is important to clear doubts regarding the process, have zero expectations, connect with BMW colleagues, and give importance to the individual's experience.


"This is not only focused on professional growth, also personal. Plan personal activities around the area to keep the after-work busy", said João. He also encourages all to make their own stories. "If you are there during the Oktoberfest, you will get some good stories", he confessed.


Paying attention to some aspects related to daily routines is also important. Fabiola recommends getting a European health card, renting a home with a washing machine, TV subscription included and good internet signal. Purchasing monthly public transportation tickets with your name, and paying attention to recycling laws with some specifications.


"Living in Munich is like living in a giant village, and everything is a matter of mindset," she said. Fabiola also added that the most important thing is enjoying the experience. "Keep an open mind and enjoy the experience because it is unique", she concluded.