Shaping The Future Begins in the Factory
Have you ever wondered what cars will look like a few years from now? Today, you're in luck! We’re excited to introduce you to the unit that has all the answers: The Planners.


Established in 2020, The Planners are tasked with designing cars that will hit the roads six to seven years from now. This unit's name aptly reflects their core mission. They handle an immense amount of information and their operations have a long life cycle. From determining when and how car parts will arrive at each factory, to figuring out how they will be assembled and what equipment is necessary, The Planners manage it all.

Starting with the equipment, The Planners utilize a central platform to plan, approve, and manage the acquisition of machinery and tools needed to build each car. They assess the financial impact of these acquisitions, which can range from small plastic components that align windshields to large robots that assist workers in installing glass windows. For those working in factories, it’s crucial to know where each piece should be installed and the exact force a screwdriver should apply for specific screws. The Planners developed a tool to plan all these details, including the number of workers required for each task.

Moreover, this unit plays a vital role in assessing ergonomic risks and the physical impact on factory workers. Their groundbreaking tool, a first in the automotive sector, is used in plants and offices, with factory assemblers being the primary users. In collaboration with Leipzig University of Applied Science, BMW aims to prevent health issues and long-term injuries across the company, with this project significantly contributing to that goal.

Throughout both the car planning and assembly stages, it’s essential to analyze and validate whether processes are well-defined and if quality control standards are met. The Planners provide this analysis, along with a history of actions, identified risks, solutions, and responsibilities. This enables teams to maintain an accurate understanding of the quality of assembly processes and to monitor and engage with risk workflows effectively.

In essence, The Planners are integral to designing projects from their inception to their realization. With their support, there’s ample opportunity to innovate and test new ideas, ensuring that the future of automotive design is bright and groundbreaking.