We can't produce cars anymore without Critical TechWorks
BMW was at Consumer Electronics Show - CES, in Las Vegas, to present DEE, but the role of Critical Techworks was also highlighted as being in the ADN of BMW cars.

"Today, we cannot produce cars anymore without Critical Techworks", Christoph Grote, Vice-President of Electronics of BMW said in an interview given to Rui Pedro Reis, a journalist from SIC, a Portuguese television network and media company.

While BMW was presenting DEE, a special focus was also given to the innovation backstage. The focus came to Portugal, to Critical Techworks, where almost two thousand employees are focused on developing software for BMW. 

Christoph started explaining that "quite a sizeable fraction of software is being created in Portugal. And it is not software which is not essential to the car. We build software in Portugal that is really in those cars that you can see over there (pointing at some BMW cars) and basically in every car that you see on the road now."

The focus was on the digital panel development but also in applications developed for iPhone or Android phones that control the car in every aspect. "It is a very complicated and very highly rated application. Portugal is in the lead to build that. But we also have other fields: drivers' systems... We do tooling, we do body electronics, we do all sorts of digital software", Christoph concluded.  

The BMW Group shared its vision of the future digital experience, both inside and outside the vehicle, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas. You can know more details in the article "BMW presents BMW i Vision Dee in Las Vegas"